Helpie FAQ

  • What certifications do you have at the moment ?

    We have : FDA, Reach, SGS Vietnam, Quatest, Phytosanitary.

    The certificate will be made by the logistic company for each order, so we will provide you all the documentation after receiving your order.


  • Can I design my own boxes

    We have 2 options for you:
    A/ You can send us the boxes and we will put the straws in them.
    B/ We can take care of contacting supplier to make boxes and we’ll charge 12$ per hour for our work of handling communication and process with box provider

  • What are the size and weight of the boxes ?

    1 box of 200 straws is 9cmx9cmx21cm and weigh around 0.2kg

    1 carton box fits 10,000 straws with dimension: 48x48x48cm, which is about 9kg including the straws and the box.

  • What size are the straws ?

    length: from 14-22cm (standard is 20cm)

    To order a different size than standard, the minimum order is 100 000 straws.

    diameter: 4.5 – 6.5mm

    Diameter cannot be bigger as it’s a natural plant. We can sell smaller diameter to use as stirer.



  • What is your MOQ?

    1 sample box of 200 straws