Helpie FAQ

  • Quality and certification

  • What certifications do you have at the moment ?

    We have : FDA, Reach, SGS Vietnam, Quatest, Phytosanitary. The certificate will be made by the logistic company for each order, so we will provide you all the documentation after receiving your order.  

  • How many straws are you able to make in one month?

    At the moment we produce 5 million straws per month but we will scale up when we will need to.

  • Should I put grass straws in a compost bin?

    Grass straws decompose naturally. Please put them into compost or organic waste bins. They also decompose very well in a river or the ocean, that's why they are perfect for cruise boats, resorts by the beach and any restaurants by the water.

  • Do grass straws affect the flavor of the drink?

    There is no taste to the grass straw. There is a mild scent of fresh sweet grass.

  • Do these grass straws contain preservatives?

    Our grass straws are harvested, processed naturally with no chemicals. The grass grows naturally, and the straws are not treated with any chemical products or preservatives. They are triple washed in salt water.

  • Can these grass straws be reused?

    These straws are intended for single-use at restaurants, bars and events.

  • Export

  • What is your MOQ?

    1 sample box of 200 straws

  • What are the quantities you can ship?

    1 sample box by air = 200 straws 1 carton by air = 10000 straws 1 palette by sea = 480 000 straws 1 container by sea = 1 920 000 straws

  • What countries do you ship to ?

    We can study together the cost and requirements to ship to your country, please make a request on our home page

  • Do you export grass straws?

    We export only the dry grass straws at the moment, not the fresh ones.

  • How long does it take to ship?

    By plane it takes 3 to 10 days, by boat it takes 1 to 3 month.

  • Specifications

  • Can I design my own boxes

    Yes you can design your own boxes. If you wish to apply your personal design with our size specifications, for 100, 200 and 500 straws. The minimum order is 5 cartons of 10 000 straws to order your own boxes. If you wish to create your own shape of boxes, the minimum order is a 15 Cartons of 10 000 straws.

  • What are the size and weight of the boxes ?

    1 box of 200 straws is 9cmx9cmx21cm and weigh around 0.5kg 1 carton box fits 10,000 straws with dimension: 48x48x48cm, which is 23kg including the straws and the box.

  • What size are the straws ?

    length: from 14-22cm (standard is 20cm)

    To order a different size than standard, the minimum order is 100 000 straws.

    diameter: 4.5 - 6.5mm

    Diameter cannot be bigger as it's a natural plant. We can sell smaller diameter to use as stirer.